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Berrima Bus Lines pulls Hume Coal ads

Monday, November 14, 2016

Congratulations to the local management team at Berrima Bus Lines. They are removing the Hume Coal ads decorating the rear of their ten buses following numerous concerns expressed by Southern Highlands residents.

This is a great local company which has been put in an invidious position through an unfortunate mistake made in Sydney. The local team had no knowledge of the ads until they went up on the buses last week. Senior executives in Sydney made a very rapid decision once they realised the furore the ads had caused. Good on them.

However, once again we see the lack of judgement of the executives at Hume Coal. They seem determined to antagonise the many locals who just don’t want coal mining anywhere near the Southern Highlands. Hume’s divide and conquer tactics are as transparent as they are futile.

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