Who's Who

Below you’ll find details not only on groups that are specifically fighting coal mining in the Southern Highlands but also a few groups that support the whole concept of a sustainable Southern Highlands – and don’t we all want that?  Let us know if you think we’ve missed a group, or about any new ones. 

Coal Free Southern Highlands Inc. (CFSH)

CFSH has gamely put on the shoes left behind by SHCAG (Southern Highlands Coal Action Group) and jolly big shoes they are to fill too!  CFSH is a member of the Lock the Gate Alliance and some of our committee members have been working closely with them for many years.  CFSH is particularly focused on providing a liaison & resource point for the various village/location specific groups in the Southern Highlands, as well as working on the more scientific side of things.  For example CFSH is working with world renowned seriously brainy people on studies about our water (that’s Sydney’s water too by the way), potential pollution issues, the safety – or otherwise – of the mining method proposed, etc. etc. 

Website:               coalfreesouthernhighlands.com

Facebook:            Coal Free Southern Highlands

Twitter:                 CoalFreeSH

Knitting Nannas Against Coal Southern Highlands (KNACSH)

We were pretty excited when we heard the Knitting Nannas were coming to town – or the KNAC’ers as we sometimes call them.  Apparently the rules are pretty simple.  You need to wear yellow & black, you don’t actually have to know how to knit (we believe crochet may also be acceptable), you can be any gender, you have to like having fun and you have to really, really want Hume Coal to bugger off out of town.  We can put you in touch with the Nannas – if you just fill out this form we’ll make sure the Nannas get it.  The Nannas are just learning about the whole Facebook & Twitter thing so please like & follow them – they’ll be so thrilled they may drop some stitches! 

Facebook:            Knitting Nannas Against Coal Southern Highlands

Twitter:                 KNACSH

Battle for Berrima (B4B)

B4B came into being in 2015 after Hume Coal did their (notorious) community presentations and it became obvious what the impact would be on the beautiful Georgian village of Berrima – coincidentally celebrating its 185th birthday in 2016.  They are a very passionate bunch of people & a welcome battalion in the ongoing war!

Website:                battleforberrima.com.au

Facebook:             Battle for Berrima Inc

Twitter:                  Battle4Berrima

Robertson Against Mining – Invading Trains (RAMIT)

The impact on villages like Robertson mustn’t be forgotten.  If Hume Coal have their way there will be 4 x 44 wagon coal trains trundling up and down the rail line between Moss Vale and the ports.  That actually means 8 trains ‘cause the full ones need to come back empty to get filled again.  And if you think the noise generated by the full trains will be bad wait till you hear what the empty ones sound like!  And did we mention the dust thing?  As in coal dust everywhere … just ask anyone who lives anywhere near a rail line that carries coal …

Facebook:             Robertson Against Mining Invading Trains

CANWin (Climate Action Now Wingecarribee)

CANWin works with the local community to minimise climate change and prepare for life without fossil fuel. 

Facebook:             CANWin

ECOS Southern Highlands

Ecos Southern Highlands is a new organisation focused on connecting local people for ethical and sustainable living. Their vision is a Southern Highlands region that's thriving environmentally, economically and socially, adapting in the face of changes and challenges, and offering health for future generations. Their mission is to engage local people and organisations around the simple changes that can be made to realise this vision.

Website:                ecossouthernhighlands.org

Facebook:             Ecos Southern Highlands

Twitter:                  EcosSouthern